Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ms Kels is on fire.. This gurrl is on fire..

She is talented. She is hard-working and most importantly, she is intently focused. Something which seems to be slipping out of our hands, the way water would, should you try to hold it. This is all because of the social networking sites and smart-phones that always have a new message/notification. She is a household name, and every time you think of her groovy mixes, you cannot, but help yourself to some dancing shoes. Read on and find out more on how the world tried to marry her off to Dj Kelz.

Hello Ms Kels, I hope you are well. Why the name Ms Kels?

The name came about in Varsity. My mentor at the time, Dj Match, taught me how to Dj.

Don't people confuse you with Dj Kelz or think you are trying to steal his shine or perhaps busk in the brand he created first?

Dj Kelz and I share a very different stage. He is hip hop and I am house. What was weird was people trying to marry us off, but never did they ever think I'm stealing his shine. He is a lovely guy. I have met him a few times.

A lot of people would love to do what you did. Tackle school and their passion at the same time, and excel at it. How did you do it?

Hard-work, time management and really loving what I do. One can never excel in anything unless they love doing it.

Would you do it again?

I'd definitely do it again. Don't let people make you believe otherwise, always make sure to party hard and study harder.

They often say that all work and no play makes Jill a sad sad girl. Didn't you ever feel inadequate for not having a normal young person's life at some point in your life?

I have a normal life :) I have amazing family and friends. That's enough for me.

Or at least get scolded by those close to you for working way too hard?

Sometimes, but they all know it's what I love.

How do you make transitions from the corporate Ms Kels to Ms Kels the Dj on a daily basis?

It's very easy. I am a very reserved person so I fit in both sides.

Given a chance which one would you give up in order to focus on the other, entirely?

Ha ha that's a very very hard question, I'd rather not answer :)

Please tell us what kind of corporate job you are working. Just for curiosity's sake.

I work as a research coordinator. I studied Politics and Law at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

What are some of the things you tell yourself to keep grounded?

Ha ha, I am grounded by birth. It comes naturally.

And to keep going when times are hard?

Have faith.

The future seems to be very bright for you, Ms Kels. What should we expect from you 5 years from now?

A lot. Back on radio. Back in clubs, and hopefully owning a recording studio.

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